Master Vendor Program

If you are having trouble managing and optimizing multiple vendors, you have probably explored multiple options – MSPs, VMSs, RPOs, etc. However, there is one choice that has proven to be the solution for hundreds of clients, regardless of their size, industry, workforce challenge or budget – an Adecco Master Vendor Program.

In NEA's master vendor program, a strategic sourcing and vendor management model is implemented in whichsome suppliers are tasked with filling all of the client's open positions. The program is highly flexible and can be applied in a variety of manners that provide extensive value-add to the client.

NEA Consulting Inc. brings to its Master Supplier program its expertise in SLA-driven performance, consultant transitioning, QMS process orientation, on-demand ramp-up and down capability, MIS collaboration and reporting capabilities, and a mature governance model.

Clients accrue multiple benefits from NEA’s Master Supplier program, including but not limited to:

  • SLA driven execution and management of contingent worker staffing
  • High levels of fill rate
  • Significant savings in terms of volume discounts
  • Accountable supplier-business unit partnership
  • Overall efficiency in contingent worker staffing

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that all the products and services that we deliver meet your specific requirements. Please  contact us to see how we can help create value for you and maximize returns on your investment.